My Current Consumption

Here is a rundown of all of the shows in watching right now:

  1. The Affair – I just finished episode 9 of season 2 and this has to be the most uncomfortable and intense episode yet. Without spoiling it (I’m gonna spoil it), while Noah’s fiance is in labor, he is at a party doing blow and getting into a hot tub naked to watch two girls make out. One of the girls ends out being his DAUGHTER. Oh  boy. There is no amount of therapy for that. The whole Cole, Allison, hurricane, labor thing was really intense. I need a break.
  2. There are a few shows that I’m watching with Drew so I can’t race through them as I normally would. They are Transparent, Narcos, and The Goldbergs.
  3. I’m finally caught up with The Good Wife and it is glorious. I’m also caught up with Mozart In The Jungle.

Time to start a new show! I’m thinking Ray Donovan.


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