The Steve Jobs Obsession

Tonight CNN is airing a documentary on Steve Jobs called Steve Jobs:  The Man in the Machine. Apparently, two movies with some of Hollywood’s finest weren’t enough. WE WANT MORE JOBS and this documentary is “filled with both humorous and heart-breaking anecdotes.”

Jobs is the Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs movie from 2013. The movie’s budget was $12M and made $37.5M at the box office. Over a 200% return ain’t bad but I don’t know a single person that went to see that movie.

Then, came the 2015 version with the more original name for the more story. Oh wait, it’s called Steve Jobs and it about Steve Jobs. They are the same. This was a bomber with a budget of $30M and a box office total of $27M. When the Atlantic Plumbing Landmark Theater opened up, they played this movie on ALL SIX SCREENS for WEEKS. It made no sense. I also don’t know a single person who saw this movie.

Given all this, we obviously need CNN to air a documentary about a guy that made a ton of money by NOT being the center of biopic movies.

For the record, all my info comes from the source of the people, Wikipedia. Also,  I will not be watching this.


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