Conquests of the Day

  1. Master of None – Finally, I got around to finishing the end of the season. The episode Old People was sweet and honest. I think it was my favorite of the season. However, the acting between Aziz and his dude friends can be a struggle to watch.
  2. Insurgent – I’m still totally divergent.
  3. What If – OMG I WANT TO EAT A FOOL’S GOLD LOAF. See more info here.
  4. The Great British Bake Off – Today’s themes were Continental Cakes and Pastries. Martha is just the cutest but Nancy ain’t no joke with her Swedish process cake. 
  5. Sherlock – I loved this new episode! It was super creepy goth and included cross-century parallel universes. The mustache game was on for Watson. 

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